Bridges, not Walls

Software Competence for the Future
at the Open Forum Stuttgart
16-17 May 2013

Software Competence for the Future is an open discussion platform which connects networked technologies with new way of structuring and managing intra- and extra-organizational collaboration. Software Competence for the Future and its partner event “A2A – Apps to Automotive” run in parallel at the Open Forum Stuttgart and share keynotes and discussion space.

In today’s connected world innovations can only be developed and deployed successfully through joint effort. Many different ways exist to work together: joint ventures, open platforms, orchestrated joint development by OEM and suppliers.

Bridges, not Walls

Networking and connectivity – from a technology and organization perspective – are the keys to master the complexity of products and services. That is why “Software Competence for the Future” has chosen the theme “Bridges, not Walls”. Cooperation across organizational and industrial boundaries creates new product and service opportunities and leads to potentially radical changes in and views of the market. Networked and Open Business Models require a new integrative thinking, which is not bounded by the walls of one’s own department or the perimeter of the corporation HQ. Open Source, Open Design and Open Innovation require an Open Mindset. The Open Forum is dedicated to the interrelationship of competence, technology and business.

“The Connected Company” – Keynote by Dave Gray

Dave Gray, entrepreneur from St. Louis, is well known for his books “The Connected Company” (2012) and “Gamestorming” (2010), the playbook for innovators, rule breakers and change makers.  Dave shows how companies can use networking to survive and be successful in and ever more dynamic marketplace.

“War of the Worlds – Will the IT industry determine the shape of the embedded industry?” – Keynote by Jesús Bermejo

Who will determine the future direction in the Embedded Industry, and particular in the automotive industry? Will the traditional OEMs continue to rule or will innovators from the IT world make an inroad? Today 80% of the innovations in the automotive sector are realized through software. Will the technological influence force to open the products and the future services?

Jesús is R&D Manager at Schneider Electric, and a member of the Steering Group of ITEA ( ITEA is one of several ICT strategic clusters in the Eureka network ( He has been working in software intensive systems for thirty years, both for the military and civil domain. Jesús was a member of the Advisory Expert Group for the OECD Study on Software Innovation  and currently leads the ITEA SCALARE (SCALing SoftwARE) project. SCALARE has the objective of supporting industry in managing product and service software technologies, processes, methods and organisation from a scalability perspective.


About Hans-Jürgen

I am Chief Scientist of Kugler Maag Cie GmbH, an independent, international consulting company, specialising in the improvement of business and product development processes – from analysis, consultancy, and operative implementation to training and coaching. Most customers work in the context of emerging critical systems, such as automotive and transport. These require leading edge techniques to be deployed and organizational readiness for future challenges to be established. I have 35 years of experience in the software determined systems sector. As adjunct Professor, University of Limerick, I was Industry Director of Lero, the Irish Software Engineering Research Centre, which I helped to establish. Previously I was a lecturer at Trinity College Dublin, a director of software product and services companies, and Technical Director of the European Software Institute. I was involved in the design of means for industry-wide competence development in the automotive sector, and I conducted the first independent organizational software development capability assessment in the automotive industry in Germany. In my opinion the key competitive factor of the future will be a personal and organisational ability to embrace rapid change of the ecosystem and to proactively and continuously implement sustainable change. I have an M.Sc. in Computer Science from the University of Dortmund and an M.A. of Trinity College Dublin. In 1986 I was awarded the IFIP Silver Core.
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