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Culture and Change

Organizational change is something that is thought of as happening backstage. People have lives one can follow or take an interest in, but organizations are mostly seen as administrative structures, as “social machines” to achieve the benefit of scale. The sterling work … Continue reading

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Do we need to be agile?

Every few years there is a lot of fuzz about new and revolutionary methods, techniques or tools that promise vast productivity improvements in software developments. And then this wave dies away, and everybody continues as before. Actually, anybody out there … Continue reading

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Agile Software Development … Hype or True Benefits?

Is Agile Software Development a hype or does it deliver benefits that are destined to make this approach the main paradigm of development of the future? Google for agile and you get thousands of results, many of which contain quite … Continue reading

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Did you know that the first known use of “agile” was in 1581? That is according to Merriam-Webster. At that time, and until very recently, agile was the property of a person: “marked by ready ability to move with quick … Continue reading

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